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What is "NFT Game"?

Your time and passion will become assets.

MyCryptoSaga is a next generation card game! The NFT cards you get can be freely trade between users even digitally.

Basic Rule

A strategy battle for the KP! The player with the highest total number in round 1 and 2 wins. Will it be a complete victory or a one-shot comeback! The goddess of victory smiles upon those who have conquered Kami's skills!

KP Battle

The 10 kami you have organized will challenge you in a KP (Kami Power) battle. If you win a KP battle, Kami's KP increases; if you lose, you lose KP. The top ranked players will receive honor and premium cards.


Fire, wood, and water. Three different attributes reside in a kami. For example, Fire Zeus, Wood Zeus, and Water Zeus exist separately, and it is important to know which attribute of Kami to add to your deck. The fire attribute is strong in the wood attribute, the wood attribute is strong in the water attribute, and the water attribute is strong in the fire attribute. This triadic relationship is used in the attribute determination at the end of round 1/2. The winner of the Attribute Judgment will receive +1 point, and the loser will receive a -1 point deduction.