My Crypto Saga
Introduction These terms and conditions apply to all testers who participate in the Battle β Test of this game as specified below. Testers will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. If you are under 20 years old and wish to participate in the test, you must obtain the consent of your legal representative in addition to agreeing to these terms and conditions. Those who do not agree to the Terms and Conditions and those under 20 years of age who do not have the consent of a legal representative may not participate in the test. By participating in the test, you will be deemed to have properly agreed to these terms and conditions. Article 1 (Definitions) 1. "The Company" refers to double Inc. 2. "The Game" refers to the game described at the beginning of this document, which is operated and provided by the Company. 3. "Test" refers to the "Battle β Test" to be held for a limited period of time and with a limited number of players using the beta version of the Game. 4. "Testers" refers to everyone who participates in this test. 5. "The Terms and Conditions" refers to these "Testers' Terms and Conditions" that apply to testers participating in the test. 6. "Tester Data" refers to the data that is stored on our servers, etc. as a result of testers' participation in the test. 7. "MCH" refers to the game "My Crypto Heroes" which is already operated and provided by our company. Article 2 (Application and Mutatis Mutandis Application of this Agreement) Participation in the test is subject to these terms and conditions. Testers shall comply with these Terms of Use when participating in tests. In addition, when testers participate in tests based on services provided by a third party other than the Company, testers shall comply with the terms and conditions provided by that third party (together with these Terms of Use, the "Terms of Use, etc.") in addition to these Terms of Use. Article 3 (Roles and Responsibilities of Testers, etc.) 1. Testers shall cooperate by reporting any problems with the game's software or operating environment that they discover while participating in the test. 2. Testers agree to use their ETH address to log in and use the information associated with their MCH ID when participating in the test, and shall be responsible for the management of their ETH address. 3. Testers shall be responsible for any actions taken within the test using their own ETH address and password, etc. (if applicable), regardless of whether or not they themselves performed the actions. Article 4 (Confidentiality) Testers shall not disclose or leak to any third party any information regarding the technical content or defects of the Game that they have learned through testing. However, only in cases where the Company explicitly permits the disclosure of specific information, testers may disclose such information in accordance with the conditions specified by the Company. Article 5 (Prohibited Acts) The Company prohibits the following acts. (1) Assigning, lending, or transferring all or part of the rights held by the tester as a tester to another person, or selling, changing the name of the tester, pledging, or providing other security. (2) Sales activities used during the Test and participation in the Test for commercial purposes or in preparation for such purposes (3) Any other actions that violate these Terms of Use. Article 6 (Acquisition of Information) During the test period, for the purpose of analysis and improvement of the Game, the Company may upload information on hardware, software, and error logs, as well as tester data, from the tester's hardware to the Company's server, etc., without obtaining the individual consent of the tester. Article 7 (Accumulated Data, etc. during the Test Period) The tester data accumulated by testers during the test period will not be transferred as player data for the official service of the game. Article 8 (Disclaimer of liability for testing, suspension and discontinuation of testing) "1. The purpose of the test is to test the game in the process of development in order to make final adjustments for the completion of the official service version of the game. Therefore, the game will be provided as-is, and even if any problems or damages occur to the tester or the tester's hardware as a result of the tester's participation in the test, the company will not make any compensation or reparations for these. Testers shall participate in the test at their own risk. Translated with (free version)" 2. The Company may cancel or suspend the test or change the test period for its own reasons. Article 9 (Attribution of Rights) During the test period, as between the tester and the Company, the Company retains all rights related to the Game, all rights and authority related thereto for the future, and all rights (including intellectual property rights) related to the account. Testers are only granted the right to access and use the Game to the limited extent permitted by these Terms and Conditions. Article 10 (Personal Information) In the event that the company obtains the tester's personal information in the course of conducting the test, the company shall obtain and manage such personal information in accordance with the company's privacy policy (, and the tester shall agree to this. The tester agrees to this. Article 11 (Changes to this Agreement) The Company may change the contents of this Agreement at any time as necessary. Any changes to this Agreement shall become effective when the Company posts the changed Agreement on the tester site, etc., and the conditions for participation in subsequent tests shall be based on the changed Agreement. If the tester continues to participate in the test after the change in the Terms of Use, the Company will assume that the tester has accepted the change. Article 12 (Governing Law) This Agreement, including its formation, validity, interpretation and enforcement, shall be governed by the laws of Japan in all respects. The tester agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance for any disputes related to these terms and conditions or testing. Publication date: December 27th, 2020